Feature updates

Best Feature Updates from TeamGram

Our product team makes sure to work relentlessly to provide you with everything you need at every stage of your business process to boost team productivity and increase sales. Here is a

Quickly Access Important Information

In 2018, TeamGram was selected one of the most user-friendly CRM’s in the world based on customer reviews on Capterra. We want to keep listening to our users and improve TeamGram to

Have Fun While Working on Your Sales

We know that salespeople are competitive by nature and they work hard to close their deals. We want our users to have more fun dealing with their everyday sales activities and that’s

3 ways to use web forms hosted on TeamGram

TeamGram’s custom web form feature is a very powerful tool for getting any type of information from your customers, leads, or even suppliers in your CRM. Previously, you had to copy the

Connect TeamGram to your Gmail Inbox

We are happy to announce a brand new feature that will allow you to access TeamGram from your Gmail inbox! Our new Gmail Add-on enables you to: Quickly create new notes from your

TeamGram Goes Full Screen

More screen space. More TeamGram. As you may have noticed, we have made improvements to the interface with a brand new full-width experience. The new update, which is currently active for all

Pipeline: Your Sales Command Center

TeamGram’s Birds Eye View just got an upgrade with a new name and cool new features. Introducing Pipeline! Pipeline gives top-line managers greater perspective of their business while allowing salespeople to get

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