Sales management & CRM

How to Identify Your Ideal Customer Profile?

Every salesperson understands that during lead qualification they need to decide whether there is a customer-product fit or not. But not all businesses have well-defined parameters for checking whether there is a

The importance of Story-telling in Sales

Storytelling is the art of engaging, educating and getting your customer excited enough to listen to you in a chaotic environment with a wide variety to choose from. It is not used

Best Feature Updates from TeamGram

Our product team makes sure to work relentlessly to provide you with everything you need at every stage of your business process to boost team productivity and increase sales. Here is a

How can you benefit most from your CRM?

The acronym CRM which stands for Customer Relationship Management is a tool that helps you better understand your customers, understand how they respond to your marketing strategies and consider them as a

So, You’ve Qualified a Lead. Now what?

Your lead generation process is spot on. That’s why you’ve acquired hundreds of potential leads – which are sitting at the top of your pipeline. This means, you’re also well aware that

Google Calendar Integration

Have you ever wished to be in two places at the same time? You have, haven’t you? After all, we all wish we had superhuman abilities. Look no further than TeamGram’s new

5 Habits that Help Increase Your Productivity

Biting nails. Eating with our mouths open. Speaking before thinking. These things would go under the category of bad habits. These habits are personal. But, what about bad habits at work? Salespeople

Have Fun While Working on Your Sales

We know that salespeople are competitive by nature and they work hard to close their deals. We want our users to have more fun dealing with their everyday sales activities and that’s

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