Lead Qualification Using BANT Method

Your sales team’s time is valuable. How can you know which leads are most likely to buy and deserve more attention? Here is a widely used method to qualify leads.

Selling Doesn’t Start with Quoting

While managing your sales process in TeamGram, you’ll focus on opportunities, not quotes (although we do have a great quote builder). There is a good reason for that.

Sales Dashboard

How much more do you need to sell this month? Do you have enough opportunities in the pipeline? Take a look at your sales dashboard for answers.

Managing Sales Activities

The best salespeople don’t wait for customers to take action. They drive them to act. Step-by-step. And what is the most critical step? Why the next step, of course.

Managing Your Sales Pipeline

TeamGram’s interactive sales pipeline displays your entire deal flow and helps you update information simply by dragging and dropping.

How to Identify Your Ideal Customer Profile?

Every salesperson understands that during lead qualification they need to decide whether there is a customer-product fit or not. But not all businesses have well-defined parameters for checking whether there is a

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