TeamGram DOX:

Quote Generator for Sales Teams

Create and send quote documents up to 10 times faster. Impress customers with proposals that stand out. Win more deals.

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Custom Templates

Shared templates help every member of your team quote consistently.

Automatic Pricing

No more searching in price lists. Select products, and TeamGram will fill in the prices.

Internal Approvals

Need a manager's approval before sending a quote? Get it electronically.

Easy Acceptance

Make it easy to accept your offer. Add quick response buttons to your web quotes.

Show customers what makes you different.

Spreadsheets can’t help you stand out from the competition.

Use TeamGram DOX to produce visually attractive quotes filled with convincing detail.


More Than Just a Pricing Table

TeamGram DOX makes it easy to add rich information sections to your quotes.

Impress more customers, win more deals.

Cover Page

Start with a good impression.

Quote letter

Cover Letter

Quotes sent with a signed letter get better reception.

Info & References

Tell them what makes you different from the others.

Pricing section


Enrich with pictures and product details.

Terms of Sale

Add the fine print. Avoid headaches later.

TeamGram really delivers what it promises: Making sales easier and more efficient.

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Spend Less Time Writing Quotes.
Have More Time To Close Deals.

TeamGram DOX reduces time spent writing quotes by up to %90, leaves your team more time to engage with more customers.

Enter customer details and select the products you want to offer. TeamGram DOX does the rest.

"So easy..."

Pick the products you want to include in your quote. Pictures, descriptions, unit prices will be filled in automatically. No more searching in price lists. No copy-paste. No errors. 

Apply discounts, change templates, rearrange line items. We made it all easy, so you can focus on selling.

Multi-Currency Quotes.
Instant Conversions.

Sell globally with TeamGram DOX.

Include items priced in different currencies in the same quote, or instantly convert everything to any currency you want.

Go Paperless.
Work Remotely.

Produce signed quote documents on your letterhead without printing anything.

Get management approvals electronically before sending to your customer.

Send quotes as PDF documents or web links.

Access your quotes from anywhere.

Make It Easy to Accept Your Offer

Add response buttons to your web quotes.

TeamGram DOX will notify you when the customer accepts your offer.

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Over $1 Billion Quoted, 64% accepted.

Scale Your Sales Team with Confidence

Use shared templates to ensure consistent quoting across your team.

See what your team is quoting.

Help new team members to quote like seasoned pros from day one.

Superior Email Integration

Connect TeamGram DOX to your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 email account so your quotes appear in your sent folder and customer responses come directly to your regular inbox.

Not using Google or Microsoft servers for email? No problem. You can still configure TeamGram DOX to send emails and get customer replies in your inbox.

Don’t need email integration? You can always download your quotes in PDF format and email them yourself.

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WOW! TeamGram has made a world of difference to our business.

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