TeamGram Now Calculates Your Profits

Profit matters. Do you know how much you will make on your next sale? Now, you can oversee the profitability of each order and quote you create, giving you further insight into your margins.

The Profit Calculation feature calculates the profit of an order, giving you further visibility on the potential outcome. Profit can now be displayed below the total cost, in both dollar value and percentage.

When creating a customer order, if the unit cost is different than the unit price, profit will be automatically calculated. New orders that include the product cost, quantity, and price will display the calculated profit after saving the order.

If you click on Customer Orders and select the order you have created, you will be able to view profit both as a dollar value and percentage. This information can only be seen by you and other authorized people in your company. Profit amount and percentage will not be visible on the actual quote or the order documents.

To take advantage of Profit Calculation, this feature must be enabled first. Currently, Profit Calculation can occur in both quotes and orders.

To enable this feature: go to Control Panel > Customer Order Settings, and make sure the “Calculate Profit Amounts” is checked. You can also enable Profit Calculation for quotes under Control Panel > Quote Settings, and checking “Calculate Profit Amounts”.

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