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Teamgram CRM's new quote generator

Introducing Our Redesigned User Experience for Generating Sales Quotes

Tired of spending valuable time creating sales quotes using cumbersome word processors and spreadsheets? Meet the future of sales quoting with the revolutionary update to TeamGram CRM. Our new user interface (UI) for the quoting engine empowers salespeople to generate sales quotes with unmatched efficiency, precision, and simplicity. Experience a quoting process that’s up to 20 times faster, giving you more time to focus on building strong relationships with your clients!

How To Create A Sales Plan

Strong ego, charisma, unrealistic promises, and overly extroverted personalities are common stereotypes about salespeople.

In reality, successful salespeople are far more analytical and strategic than people give them credit for. They will seldom shoot in the dark. They always have a plan. In this case, a sales plan.