Sales Academy

How To Create A Sales Plan

Strong ego, charisma, unrealistic promises, and overly extroverted personalities are common stereotypes about salespeople.

In reality, successful salespeople are far more analytical and strategic than people give them credit for. They will seldom shoot in the dark. They always have a plan. In this case, a sales plan.

Managing Sales Goals

Never settle for best-effort. Push your team’s performance higher with SMART goals. TeamGram’s new goals dashboard makes setting and managing sales goals easier.

Lead Qualification Using BANT Method

Your sales team’s time is valuable. How can you know which leads are most likely to buy and deserve more attention? Here is a widely used method to qualify leads.

Selling Doesn’t Start with Quoting

While managing your sales process in TeamGram, you’ll focus on opportunities, not quotes (although we do have a great quote builder). There is a good reason for that.