New features in TeamGram CRM

Try These New Features to Get More From TeamGram CRM

The Spring 2024 update brings many of your suggestions to life.

At TeamGram CRM, we are dedicated to making sales teams more efficient, helping them to meet their targets with ease. We prioritize your feedback and actively incorporate it into our updates. Over the past year, and moving into 2024, we’ve added several new features to TeamGram CRM to streamline your sales activities. Here’s a look at what’s new:

A Smarter News Feed:

You can now add tags to your notes to indicate whether they are customer meeting notes, and if the meeting outlook was positive, negative or neutral. In addition to these, you can define custom tags specific to your company and select the appropriate ones. The chosen tags are displayed at the beginning of each note in the news feed, allowing you to quickly grasp the content without reading the entire note. These tags can also be used to filter your news feed.

Smart Forms: Tailor your follow-up questions based on previous answers.

Now, the follow-up questions in our forms will change based on the initial responses. This ensures that you only ask pertinent questions, keeping your forms neat and focused. This feature is available in custom fields in all contact, company, lead, and opportunity forms.

Enhanced Quote Approval Process:

Need to have high-value sales quotes vetted by a manager before sending them out? Our enhanced approval process lets you specify rules to determine who should review a quote based on its total value.

Multiple Pricing Options:

Does your pricing vary between dealers, international customers, or direct consumers? TeamGram CRM now supports setting multiple price points per product, and automatically recommends the correct price when drafting a quote. Visit our support page for more information.

Automated Discounts on Sales Quotes:

Setting discounts based on customer type, product category or time period can be complex and prone to errors due to conflicting discount rules. Now, you can predefine your discount policies in TeamGram CRM, and the system will automatically list suitable discounts when you’re drafting a quote, allowing you to select the most fitting one effortlessly.

Enhanced Security Features:

Security is a top priority at TeamGram CRM. We continuously have our cybersecurity measures audited by independent experts. Additionally, for added security, you can enable options like two-factor authentication (2FA) and IP address restrictions to limit access from non-office locations.

Integration with More Applications:

We now have even more integrations with other business applications. Here are the latest additions:

Cloud PBX Systems: You now have more PBX options to make and manage calls. You can call directly from TeamGram CRM and have call details logged automatically. Check out the integrations section of the control panel for the full list of supported PBX systems.

Live Chat: You can now create leads in TeamGram CRM directly from JivoChat sessions on your website.

Accounting/Invoicing: We added Logo IşBaşı to our accounting integrations. Seamlessly turn sales opportunities and quotes from TeamGram CRM into invoices.

For further details on these features, visit our Support Portal

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