Case Study: Sales Are Through the Roof!

Charlie runs a roofing company called Raise the Roof Ltd. He has a staff of 25 people, ranging from sales to construction. Raise the Roof has customers in both residential and commercial spaces, specializing in roofing installation and repairs.

Raise the Roof Ltd. is considered a larger small business, but not a medium-sized business (yet). Charlie needed a CRM that could work with his business’ workflow and optimize their sales process.

Charlie’s Challenge

Charlie had tried different CRM platforms with increasing difficulty. What he found the most difficult to accomplish was obtaining new customers. In the digital age, most of his current customers found him on Google, and he needed to make sure his website was connecting new customers with his business. He also wanted to make sure that all estimate requests were potential business opportunities worth the time of his team to a pursuit. With an increasing number of estimate requests and the fast pace of business, staying on top of customer communication had been a challenge.

High upfront costs, lack of mobile connectivity, and CRMs with limited capabilities made implementing a CRM just as difficult as using one. He eventually found TeamGram after receiving a 14-day trial offer and gave it a shot.

TeamGram’s Solution

TeamGram introduced his company to the sales cycle, including lead generation (acquiring new customers), managing a centralized contact database, keeping records of customer interactions, using reminders for appointments and inspections, and preparing estimates using templates. TeamGram’s comprehensive approach to customer relationships not only met his needs but also helped him integrate the CRM with the core functions of his business at no cost.

How Raise the Roof Ltd Benefited From a Sales Management&CRM Tool

Charlie and Raise the Roof Ltd. incorporated TeamGram into their business in numerous ways:

  • Lead Management
    • Raise the Roof’s website is their primary sales channel, and incorporating TeamGram’s web forms allowed Charlie’s salespeople and administrators to give his company the digital edge over his competitors.
    • A system for qualifying leads (new estimate requests) solved Charlie’s major problem. He assigned one of his colleagues specifically to take charge of lead qualification. Once a lead was qualified, his colleague was able to convert it into a contact/company, and get it ready for the sales team to work on it.
  • Sales Follow-up
    • Once all new estimate requests were added to TeamGram, customer follow-up became an easy task thanks to reminders, checklists and lots of other features the system provided.
    • Charlie had an overall sense of satisfaction in managing the existing deals and forecasting his revenue stream ahead.
  • Team Management & Collaboration
    • He had a better overview of the operations, as he knew exactly where his on-site workers were and which deals his salespeople were currently working on.
    • Sharing information within the company became easier; salespeople and on-site workers were granted better visibility with customers by sharing job requirements and discussions, and TeamGram’s mobile app helped get his team organized by applying checklists and setting geo-locations when heading into an inspection, installation, or repair.

Charlie was satisfied with how TeamGram was able to make his CRM work for him. By using TeamGram, Raise the Roof Ltd. was able to get better organized, properly manage their customer relationships, save more time for the purpose of selling, and provide a better quality roofing service for their customers.

Are you a roofing company looking to grow your business? Try TeamGram for free and discover how our cloud CRM can streamline your business and drive more sales.

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