Quickly Access Important Information

In 2018, TeamGram was selected one of the most user-friendly CRM’s in the world based on customer reviews on Capterra. We want to keep listening to our users and improve TeamGram to be even more accessible and easy to use.

This month we are introducing a feature which will hopefully save more time and let our users access important information very quickly:

The Quickview Screens

The quickview screens allow you to access the most important information about a lead, contact, company, quotes or a deal without leaving the page you’re on.

On the quickview screen, you will be able to see the general information about a record, the last note written about it, and the last related activity with that record. For deals, orders, and quotes, you can also see the amount of profit you’ll be making or the discounts applied in this record. If you want to make an edit in that record or access all information, click details.

There are multiple ways to access the quickview screen. Here are some examples:

From reports:

When you are in the report tab of any section, you can click next to each record to access the quickview screen.  

From another record:

Each TeamGram record has tabs showing if there are any other related records with the one you’re viewing for each category. If there are related records, you can see the icon and access the quickview screen.

For example, you can go to the quotes tab of one of your customers and view the current status of a quote and it’s expected profit with the quickview screen.

From the news feed:

The news feed is where all important communication with customers is displayed. When viewing a note about a lead or an email sent to a customer, you can click the name of the related person and enable the quickview screen for that record.

If you want to directly view the details page for that record all you need to do is click the name twice or the details button on the bottom right corner.

Login to your account and try it for yourself!

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