No-Code: Build Custom Business Apps in Minutes

Why launch complex software projects to get simple things done? TeamGram's custom forms let you build simple apps in minutes and deploy them throughout your organization. With zero coding.

What Kind of Apps Can You Build?

Try this excellent feature to build apps that streamline any business function managed with forms, lists, tables, or calendars.

Start Here:

To create new applications, click Forms under More in the menu bar (You must be a system administrator to do this). 

Up-and-Running in 5 Minutes!

Creating a custom application is a simple 2-step process:

  • Define Your App: First, name your application, set its users and their access rights. Pick an icon.
  • Build Your Form: In the next step, add the data fields. You can use all field types used in TeamGram, or create brand new ones. You can even use advanced field types such as file attachments and geographic coordinates. 

Once you add all fields, save your form. That’s it. Your app is now ready.

The custom applications you create will be listed under the More option. Use the menu customization feature to reorder the options or even move your frequently used custom apps to the top bar for easier access.

View Your Data Your Way:

Switch between different views as needed to display your data that makes most sense in your specific use case. Again, no coding. You can also customize each of these views as needed:

  • List View: Lists your records according to the criteria you choose.
  • Calendar View: Shows items on a calendar. Color-coding helps you identify records in different states.
  • Pipeline View: This view is ideal for visualizing processes, and supports drag-and-drop updates. To make quick changes, move items between columns.

All views let you drill down into the details by clicking on a record and even access related CRM records.

Connect Your Website to TeamGram:

Web forms can drastically improve efficiency and customer satisfaction by connecting your public website to your back office, and streamlining service calls, quote requests and more.

Use TeamGram’s web forms feature to automatically create records in your custom application when website visitors fill out forms.

Yes, It Works on Mobile Devices:

You can also access your custom forms using the TeamGram Mobile app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

TeamGram Mobile lets your custom apps do everything that is available on the web version, and adds some exciting new features as well:

  • Location services and mapping
  • Camera support for photo and video attachments
  • Barcode and QR-code reading to quickly enter SKUs, serial numbers and more

Connect Related Records:

Don’t isolate your data in silos. TeamGram automatically links your records in custom apps with related CRM entries so that you can navigate seamlessly between them.

Find What You Are Looking For:

TeamGram’s powerful search engine automatically indexes the information you enter in custom forms. Finding the data you need is a breeze.

Your TeamGram Subscription Plan and Custom Forms

The number of custom forms you can create depends on the subscription plan you choose. Check out plan limits here. If you need more custom forms, contact our support team.

Don’t have a TeamGram account yet? This feature is also available in free trial accounts. Sign up now.

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