Your Sales Process, Streamlined

Use TeamGram to take charge of your sales pipeline. Help your sales team write awesome quotes in no time and make effective follow-up calls to seal more deals.

Visualize Better

You can't manage it if you can't see it. View your team’s sales pipeline, Including quotes, notes, next steps and deadlines.

Quote Better

Quoting errors are costly. Automatic price lookups, quantity calculations and templates help your team write better quotes.

Close Better

Don't let deals fall through the cracks. Next steps, email templates and read tracking empower your team to follow-up more effectively.

Spreadsheets were not invented to impress buyers.
Use TeamGram instead to write your quotes.

TeamGram has a built-in quote generator. It helps every member of your sales team send winning quotes.

Stand out
No more bland spreadsheets. Make your quotes reflect your corporate identity with custom templates.

Save time
Save commonly used text blocks and insert them into your quotes as needed.

No mistakes
Instantly look up unit prices. Convert dimensions into quantities. Apply discounts. Convert currencies.

Make it easy to buy from you
Stop frustrating buyers with cryptic descriptions. Show product pictures, patterns and colors in your quotes

Less time to write quotes, more time for customers.

  • Save time with custom templates
  • Instant price lookups
  • Quote in multiple currencies
  • Create PDF files
  • Email quotes to customers
  • Get notified when read

Get the big picture

The interactive pipeline view brings everything together: Every opportunity your team is working on, their next steps, quotes, stages and more.

Customize, move things around and drill down to get details.

Integrate With Other Business Tools

Don't Take Our Word For It.
Take theirs.

"TeamGram helps us keep track of our operations and improve internal communications."


President, Toronto Business Development Centre

"The system really delivers what it promises... making our business easier and more efficient."


Sales Manager, Mix Brasil

"We were able to adopt the system very quickly and their mobile app is miles ahead of the competition."


Sales Manager, Akbarkod

"I use TeamGram for sending quotes and CRM. Out of 15 trials, I chose them for their amazing customer support."


Project Manager | Client Specialist, Eagle Eye Security

"I love TeamGram, it really helps our team stay organized which helps us better serve our consumers."

Sophie Raupp

Operations Manager/Job Developer


"Amazingly easy!! We just started using Teamgram and we are so happy with it. It is so easy to use."

Tanya A.

Manager of Operations and Business Development


"It is easy to use and works well with a team approach work environment."

Andrea Mitchell

Job Development Specialist/Owner


"A good product to track our sales pipeline and CRM"

Baha Ohcebol



"I like all that it can do and find it useful with a sales team spread between 3 cities."

Kelley Laekas



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