5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Productive 2018

Goodbye 2017. Hello 2018.

With the new year comes new resolutions that help improve our business productivity. You may have already listed your personal goals this year, but it’s always good to identify your career-based new year’s resolutions as well. With (at least) 2,080 work hours ahead until 2019, let’s make sure your productivity goals are achieved and fruitful.

Here are five essential new year’s resolutions to help you become more productive in 2018.

#1: Better organize your workspace

The start of the year signals an important time to get organized. In order to create momentum, taking the time to identify ways to improve the organization of your tools can help tremendously. This includes decluttering your inbox, organizing your files and folders, and making your desk work for you, not against you. Time consuming tasks like hunting for an email from a customer’s request can chew up a lot of your time, so you will benefit from making organization a priority right now.

#2: Increase your efficiency

Everybody looks to improve their efficiency in the new year. Unfortunately, many will forget to prioritize it by February. In order to maximize your business output in 2018, consider investing in a good task management tool to help you better manage your tasks and customer relationships. Task management tools can improve team communication, make file sharing easy, and keep your productivity at an all-time high.

#3: Automate more often

“Automating your workflow” is the new “simplifying your workflow”. In order to make more time for yourself and your business, consider converting the hands-on tasks for automated ones. One obvious area that most have successfully improved is email automation. Nearly every email platform, such as Mailchimp, has a built-in automation service, so it may be a good time to review your email funnels to see where an email automation workflow can be added or improved. Customized offers, segmented contents, and adding personalization to existing automated emails can make your 2018 more rewarding.

#4: Improve your post-sales support and retention

In 2018, the 80/20 rule still applies. With the majority of your business coming from repeat customers, let’s take a look at retention and post-sales support. Further understanding your customers can lead to a tremendous sales year, and every little action counts: well-wishes on important dates, specialized discounts for top customers, and allowing your departments to share information can help streamline your relationships. Enlisting a good customer relationship management (CRM) will make this resolution that much easier. Remember: a happy customer is a returning customer.

#5. Get more done

More sales is on every business’ mind. However it’s time to put the tools to work and actually create the steps to increasing sales. Achieving an efficient sales cycle requires a good sales management tool. Whether you’re already a TeamGram user, or you have yet to join our team, you can hit your 2018 targets properly using the right sales tool for your business.

New Year’s resolutions are effective for improving your work-life balance. Career-based resolutions can free yourself more time for your personal resolutions, and vice versa. Whether your extra time is spent with your family, or on a project that’s been sitting on the corner of your desk since last year, the extra time can improve your output and bring much-needed balance into your life.

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