Customer Communication Just Got Smarter

We’ve upgraded TeamGram’s Smart Email with three new features that will enhance your inbound and outbound email capabilities.

The most prominent addition to our feature set is Custom Domain Authorization, which allows you to send emails from TeamGram using your own email address. Our second update is the ability to create and save Email Templates, which can be used for either individual users or company wide. Third is our new Auto-Forwarding feature: by enabling auto-forwarding from your mailbox to your TeamGram smart email address, incoming emails originating from a lead, contact or a company email will be automatically forwarded to your TeamGram account, giving you immediate access to all existing communication within TeamGram.

Custom Domain Authorization:

Perfect for businesses that own the domain name of their email address, this feature empowers your brand and provides a consistent experience for your customers. Custom Domain Authorization allows your outgoing emails to originate from your business email address – whether written from inside TeamGram, or from your mail client.

Email Templates are a major timesaver for salespeople and customer service representatives that send a high volume of emails. For example, when a salesperson sends a follow-up email to a lead, they are given an option of selecting one of their pre-written email templates.

To further personalize your messages, you have the option of adding special variables to the subject line and body of the email, including the recipient’s name or company. Templates make emails easier to populate, and even faster to send.

Click here to learn how to create your Email Templates.


No need to manually BCC your emails to your TeamGram smart email address anymore. If your sales process consists of more emails and less phone calls/in-person meetings, enabling this feature will save a massive number of clicks.

By enabling auto-forwarding in your mail client, your incoming emails from leads, contacts, or companies will be forwarded immediately into your TeamGram account. Full visibility of all your email communications can be accessed from one location. Emails that are related to an existing record in TeamGram makes it more convenient to keep track of your customer requests and conversations.

Click here to learn how to enable Auto-Forwarding.

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