Social Search for Better Customer Insights

With nearly 2.5 billion people using social networks globally, social data has become an essential part of “big data” on the internet. As its user base continues to increase in both size and engagement, publicly-available social media data plays an important role in identifying leads for businesses as well.

Gathering public data online, consolidating, and gathering meaningful information from your leads can become a time-consuming task. By collecting customer insights, and learning more about them, you can enable a much smoother sales process. TeamGram provides you with the necessary tools for gathering the data and easily managing your leads, contacts and company information.

What are the major benefits of using public social data?
  • Get more information about the profile of your leads and contacts: including photos, other social media accounts, website addresses, interests, and hobbies, etc.
  • Save time by spending less time manually searching online
  • Enhance your lead qualification process with further in-depth customer insights
How does Social Search work?
You can start searching for the photo of your newly created lead by clicking the Find Image link. TeamGram will search online sources for the publicly available photo alternatives based on the lead’s first and last name. Once you’ve found the right photo, you can click to add it into TeamGram.

By entering the email address of your lead, TeamGram automatically creates a website address from the domain (using the domain after the @ symbol from their email address). You can check this information under the Info section, at the bottom of your lead record view. Having the website URL is handy for getting a better picture of your lead’s company.

If you already know the social media accounts of your lead, you can type, or copy and paste, the links to the Other Information section of your lead record.

If you aren’t certain about your lead’s social media account information, creating your new lead will automatically populate search links for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google in TeamGram. By clicking one of the social icons, you can immediately start searching for your lead’s additional social network information.

If you want to save the social media account address, copy the appropriate link and paste it into the Other Information section of your lead record. Don’t forget to click Save to ensure your changes are stored. After you have qualified and converted a lead, the social data will be automatically updated and reflected in their contact information.

Social Search will help you leverage your lead qualification process by providing you enriched customer profile data, saving you valuable time from searching for social data manually.

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