5 TeamGram Features You Absolutely Have to Try

TeamGram Cloud CRM includes dozens of features that can help you improve your sales cycle and increase sales. Each feature can be looked at as a specific tool to assist in improving your business one step at a time. In this post, we’re showcasing five essential features that your business will find an immediate return in using.

1. Custom Web Forms

Your website is one of the most important elements of your business. It’s similar to a storefront – trimming the lawn and setting up a new sign for your business is the equivalent of keeping your website unique and engaging. It’s the first thing your potential customers’ experience, and it’s where they will decide whether you’re a good fit for them.

It’s important to ensure there’s a way for them to contact you too. Custom web forms in TeamGram are essential for two primary reasons:

  1. You have full flexibility of your form’s fields. In order to properly qualify your new leads and manage your sales cycle, we believe you should be able to create your own forms. The flexibility of TeamGram web forms can be extended into leads, support requests, tickets and more. By creating your own questions for your website’s contact form, qualifying your leads becomes even easier – saving you time and resources.
  2. Your website leads are added directly into TeamGram. Instead of just sending you an email with the contact details (which may get lost in the abyss of your inbox), a new Lead will be created in your TeamGram workspace, allowing you to assign leads to your sales team almost instantly. No need to manually add leads or import them with an Excel sheet. Plus, additional lead forms can be created and embedded into as many sources and websites as you’d like, funnelling all your leads into one central location.

Custom web forms have been a hit for the majority of our users – be sure to install it on your website and start consolidating your leads.

2. Tags

Tags are one of the more useful advanced features in TeamGram. At its roots, it allows users to tag any record together – whether it be a person or a product/service – allowing for better segmentation and relationship management.

Tags can be used for notes, attachments, contacts, leads, orders, products, deals, and more. By accessing your Tags section on the left sidebar, you’ll be able to view all of your company tags (and anything associated to them). Tags can have any title – think “VIP” for very important customers, or “Best Seller” for your best selling products. Your contacts can also be tied to your products and vice versa.

The possibilities are endless with using Tags to manage your records. By using this feature to connect relationships between your customers and/or inventory, you’ll be able to easily segment records with maximum flexibility.

3. Auto-Import 

Starting a new TeamGram account and trying out all of the features requires data. Fortunately, importing thousands of your contacts and deals is a piece of cake using our auto-import feature.

We’ve added automation to the importing of your contacts, deals, and more. By filling up your Excel template with your contact details, you’ll be able to choose which column headers relate to your contact fields, and automatically import your contacts without review.

Auto-import is sure to save you time and effort, giving you absolute control over your contacts and deals.

4. Customization

Every business needs the ability to customize. Whether you’re looking to customize your customer’s experience or your team’s internal dashboard, TeamGram opens up many customization options.

TeamGram users can fully customize email templates, order templates, and most importantly, quote templates. This allows new and existing customers to have a consistent experience between your existing marketing channels, your in-person experience, and your communication sent from TeamGram. 

We also provide countless customization options internally: from renaming each section to better suit your business and industry, to adding your business’ logo to the top of your interface. It’s your workspace, isn’t it?

5. Profit Calculation

Who doesn’t love profit? One of TeamGram’s newest features is profit calculation, which automatically calculates the exact profit of any order. This gives you even more visibility on the potential outcome. 

Located next to the product cost(s) and selling price, profit calculation is displayed in both dollar value and percentage. This exciting new feature can help you decide which of your orders require the most attention – and can let your sales team brag a little too!

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