Grow Your Business With TeamGram’s Custom Apps

Not only does TeamGram provide the optimal CRM solution for small and medium-sized businesses, but we also offer a suite of custom apps to help streamline your business operations. From sales and marketing to HR and customer service, custom apps can be easily enabled, managed, and integrated into your business with a range of flexibility. By using TeamGram’s built-in custom apps, you’ll be able to improve and consolidate many aspects of your business into a single interface.

TeamGram offers many pre-built custom apps, with the option of building your custom fields based on the needs of your business. Start by either building one from scratch, or using one of our existing templates. Here are our favorite custom apps that have helped our users improve productivity within their businesses.

Support Tickets

Customer service is a two-way street, and TeamGram helps with both. For customer service troubleshooting, support tickets can be submitted by your customers, allowing you to manage your customer service efforts by adding a support ticket web form on your website. With every new ticket submitted, a new document is created. Phone inquiries can also be added into TeamGram directly using contact records and notes.

To help manage your customer inquiries, this custom app also allows you to monitor new support submissions, and assign customer service reps to the inquiry. This allows your customer service team to communicate directly with your customers from TeamGram.

Vacation Requests

When it comes to vacation requests, it can be demanding for HR to handle and properly delegate employee schedules. Managing vacation requests for your staff can be easily done through TeamGram. By adding the vacation request app to TeamGram, your staff can submit a request for vacation time off directly from the sidebar.  Managers can sign in and make approvals, and if needed, notifications of approval can be sent to requesting staff members. Viewing all vacations in calendar view is easy and gives the top-down view (managers love this feature). By default, vacation requests ask for the employee’s name, the reason for time off, start/end dates, and the duration of the request, but these fields can be modified to fit your business.

Time Sheets

Monitoring time spent with each client can be tedious, so we wanted to help take care of your time sheets as well. With the capacity to adapt quickly to your needs, time sheets can work with all areas of project management. Time sheets can be useful for users in architecture, software development, consultancy, field service, legal, and more – where billing is based on time spent with each client. Once again, we included custom fields such as employee name, location, start time, time spent, their contact, company, and description.

Shift Reports

With so many responsibilities like the ones listed above, we certainly can’t forget completing shift reports. This custom app is adaptable to all areas of contracting, construction, mechanical, electrical, installation, production, services, field service, call centre, security services, and hospitality. Here, monitoring shift work is a snap, making reporting an efficient next step – especially as attachments and notes from each shift can be added in one click.

By utilizing custom apps, you can cut down costs by moving tasks from other applications into TeamGram, while increasing productivity by bringing your entire organization into a single CRM. Explore the many different use cases for TeamGram by logging into your account today.

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