How CRM Integrations Leverage Your Productivity

Productivity is everything. One simple way to increase yours is to establish connections that minimize the work that needs to be done. For TeamGram users, many have found a boost in productivity in setting up integrations with their existing applications and their CRM. Whether it’s accounting, marketing, sales, development, or customer service – every user has the ability to work more efficiently with these useful integrations, getting the most out of their CRM.

Make accounting easier with Quickbooks/Freshbooks

Both QuickBooks and FreshBooks are award-winning finance and accounting software that pave the way for small and medium-sized businesses to manage and pay bills, do payroll, and accept business payments.

Integration with TeamGram allows you to create invoices, access contact or company balances, and bring together your sales and accounting under one roof. New or modified invoices created in TeamGram are accessible in both FreshBooks and QuickBooks. Integration with TeamGram brings even stronger visibility to your orders and customer/company accounts.

> How to set up a QuickBooks and TeamGram integration

> How to set up a FreshBooks and TeamGram integration

Connect your phone-based sales efforts with RingCentral and cloud PBX

Receiving calls by using the cloud? Route your VoIP calls into TeamGram for the ultimate sales and support experience.

TeamGram integrates easily with both RingCentral and your cloud PBX software. Monitor and save call logs into your CRM, and with RingCentral, initiate your outgoing calls in TeamGram to save time and increase your company’s efficiency.

Make your phone calls a part of your sales cycle by connecting your VoIP system with TeamGram.

> How to set up a RingCentral and TeamGram integration

Bring email marketing to TeamGram with our MailChimp integration

As the most popular marketing automation platform and email marketing service on the internet, our users have taken full advantage of our MailChimp integration.

From TeamGram, you’ll be able to push your CRM contacts directly into any list you’ve created in MailChimp, allowing you to add them to automated drip campaigns or into segmented lists. The integration also allows you to view your contact’s interactions from emails you’ve sent from MailChimp – showing which emails the contact has received, opened and clicked.

> How to set up a MailChimp and TeamGram integration

Sync incoming chats with Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat, or Zopim chat, is a live customer chat application that you can add to your website to improve customer support. Your customers can chat in real-time with your staff, allowing you to gather valuable feedback and help when they’re stuck.

New visitors and chat information can be sent to TeamGram through our Zendesk Chat integration. New contact records are automatically created with each chat initiated, allowing chat histories to be accessible in TeamGram.

> How to set up a Zendesk Chat and TeamGram integration

Are we missing something? Build your own connections using Zapier

Zapier is the premier automation tool that allows users to connect their favourite apps to over 1,000 other applications. Think Gmail, Slack, Trello, and more. Zapier is popular for automating repetitive tasks, titled Zaps, by using one of the largest databases of integrations ever.

Missing a connection? Don’t have developer support? The TeamGram and Zapier integrations are perfect for populating additional integrations that we may not be supporting yet, with zero coding required. It’s the perfect catch-all that makes TeamGram simply work.

Everyone aspires to be more productive. By taking advantage of integrations, you can immediately start saving time, avoid manual work, and let your apps talk to each other instead.  

Do you have an integration you’d like to see added? Tell us here!

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