7 CRM Features of TeamGram Mobile

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our daily life, and with that, interactions with customers are no longer limited to the standard 9 to 5. In many industries, salespeople need to be mobile-ready or risk losing sales to the competition. In certain cases, this includes off-site meetings and being out in the field with limited access to wifi or an office.

Customer data is at the centre of your organization. Businesses as a whole need to collect, store, and internally share information within the company – regardless if they are in the office or not. To overcome the growing business needs that pertain to reachability and accessibility, TeamGram’s mobile app brings new solutions to the table.

Whether you are a member of a mobile sales team that collects orders from the field, need to check your notes before stepping into a customer meeting, or you’re simply looking to see your team’s progress while away from your desk, the app delivers full access to everything TeamGram for desktop has to offer:

1) Access & Create Documents

TeamGram’s mobile app will allow you to access all of your documents in your account. Creating quotes and customer orders are just a tap away using your saved templates from your mobile device.

2) Get Notifications

TeamGram will send you mobile notification messages for important updates like new orders, notes, task assignments, etc. Swipe or touch the notification message to go directly to the right place in TeamGram to view details.

3) Scan Barcodes

Save time by scanning products with TeamGram’s barcode scanner. Whether you’re creating a customer order or a quote, adding your products is as simple as scanning the barcode with your phone’s camera. If your product has already been added to TeamGram, you can save time and skip manually adding it.

4) Scan Business Cards

Organizing business cards, and the details about your new contact can be challenging. Start taking pictures of new business cards from trade show or meetings, and use TeamGram’s optical character recognition system to create a new lead or contact for you.

5) Navigate to Your Customers

See your customers on a map, get directions, and estimated travel times from the address field of a customer or contact.

6) Automatically Log Incoming Calls (Android only)

If you receive an incoming call from a phone number TeamGram recognizes as one of your customers or contacts, a note will be automatically generated after the call. It’s a quick way to store important details from your phone interactions. Enable inbound call logging in the settings of your mobile app to use this feature.

7) Mark Locations in Notes

Take note of where you’re going to meet customers. You can add your location to any note created in the mobile app. Simply click on the Location icon before saving it, or enable the “Add Location to Notes”  feature in settings to automatically apply for all future notes.

Ready to get started? Download the mobile app for iOS and Android today and take TeamGram on the road with you.

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