Two New Statuses for Lead Qualification

We recently introduced two new lead statuses in TeamGram, which will better inform your team and help improve your lead qualification process.

New Lead Status:

  • Unknown
  • Previously entered

The Unknown lead status can be used when – despite all efforts to contact and qualify a lead –  you still have not received enough information about the customer to make a decision. It’s useful for when your team is unable to reach them, or did not have the opportunity to ask your qualifying questions. The new Unknown status will help make a better distinction between your Qualified and Disqualified leads.

Previously entered is best used for duplicate entries. There’s always room for error when new leads come from various sources, especially when increasing the volume of leads into your CRM. Importing lead lists, scanning business cards, responding to information requests – at some point, you may realize one of your lead records already exist in your database. To better categorize your leads without affecting your reporting and lead qualification results, mark it as Previously entered, and review these leads periodically to avoid duplicate records in your CRM.

Interested in learning more about lead qualification? Read more about it here: Why Lead Qualification Is Essential For Your Business?


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