5 Habits that Help Increase Your Productivity

Biting nails. Eating with our mouths open. Speaking before thinking. These things would go under the category of bad habits.

These habits are personal. But, what about bad habits at work?

Salespeople are often stuck in a whirlwind of bad habits that they do on a daily basis that hurt their productivity. How about you?

The more aware you are of how small things can affect your productivity, the more you will be able to take responsibility for your choices.

But, what about those habits that actually help your productivity?

Let’s explore 5 tricks that can make you a winner when it comes to moving forward in your sales efforts, and closing more deals.

1) Take your time in the morning

Do you find yourself rushing in the morning, even almost forgetting about your much-needed coffee fix? Rushing in the morning is a bad habit that can have negative consequences on your well-being, and productivity throughout the day.

You have to do everything you can to avoid starting your day in a frenzy. Your brain needs to reset in preparation for the day ahead. You should be avoiding to create an adrenaline rush in the morning – or you ’ll inevitably crash later in the day.

Leading sales reps are in the habit of waking up 20-30 minutes earlier – and, they meditate before the day begins. Studies show that people who mediated ‘stay on tasks longer and avoid multitasking.’ Inadvertently, they report less negative feedback after completing an activity. Have you heard of the app Headspace? It offers you guided meditation sessions that really work to center you in the morning.

2) Tackle the harder tasks first

You may be tempted to get all the easy tasks out of the way first before getting into the tougher ones. Perhaps you’re dreading the challenging work? What often happens is that we push the hard stuff down our to-do list … until it’s left untouched for weeks.

What you really should be doing, is taking advantage of the morning to get the meaty projects out of the way, to save the easy activities for later. To combat this, create a to-do list. It will help you prioritize your tasks, leaving you organized to take care of everything you need to accomplish.

3) Check and respond to emails at your own time – not as they come in

Email is a distraction when we focus on given tasks. If your inbox is overflowing, make sure to respond to the most urgent ones. Constantly switching between your work, and emails, won’t benefit you in the long-run.

Set aside a time for emails. Make specific breaks for them. You need to manage your current tasks, emails can wait until you are ready.

4) Don’t work during your lunch break

According to NPR, working during lunch is bad for our thinking process. It also stifles our creativity. Yet, only one in five people actually leaves their desks for a lunch break.

Perhaps this is built into your office culture? Are you on a deadline that’s pressuring you? Taking a midday break can be rejuvenating. Remove yourself from your desk or office and eat somewhere else. Go to the cafeteria, a restaurant, or at a public place like a park.

5) More productivity with TeamGram

Because TeamGram works to make your customers’ experience better, using it for your sales tasks and activities is a good method to become more productive as a sales rep. From reminders and alerts, pipeline management, and opportunity tracking, your sales team will be able to rid itself of the tedious, repetitive tasks of your sales efforts, leaving you more time to close deals.

Ask yourself:

  • Why do I want to become more productive?
  • How do I get more done?
  • Why am I not productive? 

These questions will help your sales team to become more productive, helping you spend less time working on tasks that don’t contribute to the big picture – closing deals.


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