Have Fun While Working on Your Sales

We know that salespeople are competitive by nature and they work hard to close their deals. We want our users to have more fun dealing with their everyday sales activities and that’s why we integrated gamification into TeamGram.

TeamGram Gamification offers individual challenges (badges) to encourage better performance and competitive challenges (games) to enhance collaboration and drive more sales while having fun.


Play the game: A friendly competition between teammates

Sales teams are already making calls, converting leads, setting up meetings, taking notes, sending quotes and closing deals. TeamGram users can now start games, invite teammates and earn points for these sales activities. The challenger with the most points at the end of a game will both win the game and the rights to gloat at the office.

Games are great to increase motivation and communication in your workplace. No matter who wins the game at your team, your company will surely be the winner.

We made it pretty easy to set up games. First, your system administrator has to define rules to reward points to the participants for the sales activities they complete. Then, just choose your rules for your new game and start a friendly competition.


Earn badges: A proud collection of achievements

Sales managers may set specific goals to encourage their sales reps to perform better and reward them individually with badges. A badge is a reward presented when an individual TeamGram user accomplishes a certain goal in a specified duration.

For example, a manager may reward a sales rep who closes more than 10 deals in a week or may reward a sales rep who visits 10 customers in a month.

Badges are given to the users indefinitely once they are earned. All your earned badges will be proudly displayed in your collection. Forever.


* You may enable gamification for your company account from the control panel.

* Read our gamification guide to learn more about setting up rules, games and badges.

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