TeamGram Now Calculates the Product Dimensions Automatically for You

We understand that the faster you can respond to price inquiries the more business you can deliver! And to help you deliver the same, we have introduced a new feature for automatic product dimensions calculations. Never miss an opportunity because of delayed responses and increase your sales as well as the performance of your sales team.

An important step of the sales process is to design compelling quotes and sending them to potential customers, which is tedious and a time-consuming process.

As a Salesperson, you want to send out professional and error-free quotes to close deals faster and save the time of your sales team to acquire more customers. TeamGram understands this very well and is the only sales management tool which not only enables you to send out quotes 80% faster but helps you calculate prices for complex products with dimensions automatically.

Its time to move beyond the traditional way of calculating prices using spreadsheets and calculators that eats up a major part of your time and use this new feature. It’s alleviated headaches for dozens of our customer that were still using Excel and Word. You only need to set this once and you can start sending quotes without having to worry about any mistakes. Once a quote is sent to a customer, revisions, and discounts can be applied with just a click.

If you are working in retail or manufacturing sales or are a contractor then you might require to calculate the prices using area calculations such as length, width or height. Calculating the area, multiplying it by the unit prices for different products, applying discounts and taxes seems like a complex process prone to errors. TeamGram provides robust and innovative solutions to solve the problems by targeting specific pain points and thus, offers a complete solution. You can also gain insights into your margins by calculating your profits for each quote.

With TeamGram you can set calculated fields for your products. The calculated field has its value calculated automatically based on the formula you provide. For example, if you sell tiles for flooring and you want to automatically calculate prices based on the area which is calculated as length x width, you can simply set these variables once and using the basic mathematical operator’s quantities and prices will be calculated for you automatically.

We help you create quotes that work. If you are a TeamGram user or wants to know how to set up the automatic calculation you may read our support article.

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