Selling Doesn’t Start with Quoting

While managing your sales process in TeamGram, you'll focus on opportunities, not quotes (although we do have a great quote builder). There is a good reason for that.

Why should your customers buy from you and not from your competitors?

Always make sure your customer has a clear answer to that question before you send a quote.

Presenting your company, understanding the challenges and needs of your customers, presenting your solution, addressing concerns are some of the things you need to do before you get to quote. Most customers are willing to talk about these, but only until they get a quote. After that, they will only want to talk about discounts.

If your focus is only on quoting, discounting may be your only tool to win opportunities.

Manage The Entire Sales Process, Not Just Quotes:

TeamGram’s new sales pipeline view displays every opportunity your team is working on, at any stage of the sales process, including those you are not quoting for yet.

Click on each opportunity to get the details, access notes, emails, and more. Drag and drop them between stages to update with ease.

Focus on managing your entire sales process, not just your quotes. Master your sales pipeline and close more.

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