Organize All Customer Info in One Place

Organize valuable customer information scattered into different mailboxes, files, and databases.

Quickly and securely access from anywhere.

TeamGram CRM makes your customer records easily accessible.

Explore Your Relationship Network

Instantly access interactions of other coworkers with your contacts. Get valuable insights.

TeamGram links related CRM records for a complete picture of your customer. Follow the links to discover everything about your relationship.



Meeting Notes



Control Access

Powerful security features:

  • Record level authorization
  • Departments and authorization hierarchy
  • Automatic reassignments during employee changes
  • SSL and 2-Factor Authentication
  • Automatically applied access restrictions and ownership transfers for departing employees
TeamGram CRM access controls give you total control over user rights.
TeamGram CRM internal search engine results

Insanely Fast Search Engine

Enter your search keywords. List every matching record instantly.

A single query will list multiple record types on the same page.

Şen Günersel

No paper, no files. My team has instant access to every customer detail from anywhere.

Sen Gunersel
Business Development Manager
Tekser Travel

Teamgram CRM mobile app

Access Anywhere

TeamGram has IOS and Android apps for mobile access.

Customize Your Records

Add new data fields to existing forms or create new record types.

Use the integrated search engine to find information in custom fields and forms, just like regular TeamGram records.

Customize TeamGram CRM with custom fields.

Goodbye, Excel.
Hello, Excel.

Import the information you have accumulated in different files and enjoy a seamlessly connected, securely shared environment for customer data.
Exporting your data is equally easy and secure: Enter your export criteria and download in an Excel file.

Customer History

Every Customer Interaction In One Place

Meeting Notes

Easy access to meeting notes and call records.

Custom Forms and Fields

Customize TeamGram for special needs.

Shared Archive

Securely share customer meeting notes and files.

Secure Access

Advanced authorization and SSL protection

Search Engine

Search multiple record types with one query.


Access similar records with a single click.


Link related records,

The CRM Salespeople Love to Use.

No credit card needed.

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