Better Collaboration,
Better Performance

Bring your team together in TeamGram.
Assign activities, share notes, images and documents, with your teammates. Compete in friendly games to drive more sales.

Company News Feed

Get real time updates from your teammates, comment on them to start collaborating. Share notes about your customer interactions, meetings, announcements. Drag & drop any kind of documents and images to your notes.

Activity Management

Get more done as a team. Assign daily tasks and sales activities to yourself or to your teammates. Receive notifications, track team progress and upcoming deadlines. Boost your team productivity.


Sales teams are already making calls, converting leads, setting up meetings, taking notes, sending quotes and closing deals. Motivate your team with competitive games, reward their individual performance with badges.

Keep your Team on the Same Page

Share Customer Data
Keep your customer data in TeamGram so that your team can access crucial information at the correct time. Convert your emails into TeamGram notes and automatically connect them with related customers and sales opportunities.

See Team Activities on a Calendar
Shared calendars help your team organize better. The Calendar view displays the due dates for your next steps, expected closing dates and any activity to be performed related to all your opportunities and tasks.

Manage Access Rights
Decide who can access your company data in TeamGram. Easily manage permissions for users to ensure the right access amongst different levels. You can invite your whole team and control how the information is distributed.

Stay Connected, Wherever You Are

Collaborate with your team beyond the office space.

  • Build quotes on the go
  • Share notes about your meetings
  • Take on-location pictures
  • Geotag your activities

Take action whenever it’s needed. Stay up-to-date with what's happening in your company with instant notifications.