Selling is just
the beginning

Increase operational efficiency throughout your company.
Fulfill customer needs with TeamGram’s integrated order processing and inventory features.

Manage Your Orders

Once a quote is accepted, easily convert it to a customer order with a single click. Track its progress until it’s fulfilled on your fully customizable order pipeline.

Re-Supply Your Products

Sell, restock, repeat. Mishaps in fulfilling a supplier order can cause the loss of a future sales opportunity. Manage the purchases for your company, and restock as needed.

Update Your Inventory

Check product inventory when working on an opportunity. TeamGram automatically updates the inventory when you fulfill a customer or a supplier order.

Smoother Operations, A More Efficient Business

Complete control over your orders
Manage your customer and supplier orders until fulfillment. Gain visibility with the interactive pipeline view, see updates and next steps for all your existing orders.

Split orders
Split your orders in case of partial shipments. Follow-up on these split orders separately with different delivery dates, and assign activities for each of them.

Save time with automatic calculations
Use product measurements or your own formulas to automatically calculate product prices included in your orders. See the profit of each order, gain further insight into your margins.

Set critical inventory alerts
Never miss out on an opportunity. Set critical inventory levels for your products, receive instant notifications, supply them when needed.

Speed Up Your Ordering Processes

Use TeamGram’s iOS and Android apps to let your team manage orders wherever they are.

  • Accelerate purchasing by placing customer orders on the go
  • Save time by scanning product barcodes
  • Quickly access product prices and availability
  • Get real-time updates & notifications

Integrate with Your Accounting Software

Manage the entire process, from building customer relationships to closing deals and taking orders to invoicing through an integrated single platform. Create invoices on your accounting software without leaving TeamGram, when an order is fulfilled. Access account details from anywhere.