A Comprehensive Tool for All Your Sales Needs

  • Manage your leads and sales opportunities
  • Store all customer interactions in one place
  • Create & send winning quotes under minutes

Prioritize Conversions

Focus on deals that are more likely to close. Don't miss out on any opportunity. TeamGram reminds you of the next steps planned to help you close the deal.

Quote Like a Pro

Send consistent, professional looking quotes with zero errors. Add product images, bi-line items, text blocks, discounts with automatic calculations for product dimensions and prices.

Customize to Fit Your Business

Send emails from TeamGram using customized email templates. Easily Drag & Drop your opportunities from one stage to the next. Generate custom reports.

Complete Control over your Sales Pipeline

Use TeamGram to better manage and gain complete visibility into your sales process.

Full Visibility into your Sales Pipeline
The interactive pipeline view brings everything together: Every opportunity your team is working on, their next steps, quotes, stages and more. Customize, move things around and drill down to get details.

Shorter Sales Cycle, Higher Conversions
Easy to build templates, product listing and pricing, automatic calculations, easy revising and notifications speeds up the process for conversions.

Never miss out on Opportunity
Read tracking empowers your team to relentlessly follow up every opportunity. Let nothing fall between the cracks. Gain valuable insight into your opportunities with Dashboard views and reporting.

Empower your field sales team beyond the office

Salespeople usually leave the office to meet with new leads or customers. Use TeamGram's iOS and Android mobile apps to enable your sales team to sell more wherever they are.

  • Build, revise and send quotes on the go
  • Check out notes about customers before a sales meeting
  • See your customers on a map
  • Get real-time updates from your sales team wherever you are