What Should Contractors Expect From a CRM?

One of the biggest misconceptions in the CRM space is that only Fortune 500 companies can afford to pay thousands of dollars per month to improve the customer relationship with CRM applications. It’s time to debunk that myth. 

In the last few years, there has been a significant rise in the number of affordable CRM tools available – each designed specifically for the small and medium-sized business market. While affordability continues to be one of the largest deciding factors in determining which CRM tool to implement, it’s important to ensure that the tool selected provides solutions to everyday business problems. 

For contractors, who typically work outside of an office and manage a group of subcontractors, mobility and ease of use is as important as the price tag. User experience and mobile connectivity are therefore a standard when it comes to contracting. On the other hand, complex reporting features that only a data scientist would be able to make sense of – not so much. 

At TeamGram, we’ve spent countless hours listening to feedback from contractors. We’ve helped identify major pain points in choosing the right CRM, including complex implementation processes, high entry points, and paid training.  

From our perspective, if a CRM tool is adding unnecessary complexity and headaches to an already demanding business environment, it’s time to move on. When developing TeamGram, we aimed to create a product with SMBs in mind, and design it specifically for ease of use and increased functionality. We wanted to create more than just a customer database – we wanted to improve the entire process. We immediately introduced functionalities like the ability to send proposals, create in-house custom apps tailored to your needs, the ability to track inventory, and more. In today’s age, a good CRM will extend beyond the office, which is why we built native iOS and Android apps. For many of our customers, their business is wherever they go. 

For example: listening to our clients has helped us learn that sending proposals is one of the most time consuming task ever. For contractors, it’s also one of the most important part of their business. Because details can be easily missed, contractors also found plenty of value in adding pictures, notes and tasks under every major (or minor) project.  

To provide an effective solution for contractors, we made valuable tweaks and changes to how proposals work in TeamGram. By improving the user experience, our customers can create template proposals, provide customized enhancements, and produce compelling, professional proposals in minutes. Once a proposal is sent to a customer, revisions and discounts can be applied in just a click. It’s alleviated headaches for dozens of our customer that were still using Excel and Word. 

TeamGram provides robust and innovative solutions to solve the problems that many contractors face – whether working alone or in a big team. By targeting specific pain points of many contractors by adding task management, proposals, and inventory management, and opening doors to basic accounting features such as receivables and payables, TeamGram has become the complete solution for contractors across the globe.

As we mentioned earlier, CRM affordability and ease of implementation are equally crucial for people working in small teams. So we kept our pricing fair. TeamGram plans start just at $6 USD per month, plus a free trial to import and test your customer and product data. Click here to start your free trial right now and see how TeamGram can help your business.

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