3 Easy Steps for Producing the Best Leads Possible

“Leads” are the lifeline of your business. Without exploring the new opportunities, businesses can potentially lose out on great client relationships.

Leads are the people or companies that have yet to do business with you, but may one day become your customer. The first stage of a sales funnel is recognizing your leads, evaluating them and deciding whether to do business with them or not.

1. Save time by automatically populating lead details

TeamGram helps you identify whether a lead may or may not be a suitable customer for your business. By creating a lead record, TeamGram provides you with the information necessary to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the opportunity. Company details such as number of employees, sector, and location are vital for exploring a hot lead. Company info is instantly loaded to your lead record, saving yourself research time.

2. Take your time evaluating your leads

After importing potential leads from numerous sales and marketing channels, qualify or disqualify them within TeamGram. Vet your least favorite opportunities and zero in on those with the most potential. Effectively, you’ll produce a full list of all your sales opportunities.

Like a perfectionist, keep it concise by only creating records for qualified leads. A healthy and active leads list will increase your overall efficiency, allowing you to focus on hotter opportunities while shedding wasted resources on dead-end leads.

3. Ask leads for further details in a customized web form

Another useful feature for leads is utilizing the web form. While you can populate public data, it’s important to ask the right questions to them as well. TeamGram allows you to create custom forms that you can ask your leads to fill out. Information filled in the web form will automatically be loaded into their record in TeamGram.

By creating a more efficient lead process, you can start your business relationships off on the right foot. Prioritizing your lead analysis will optimize the sales cycle, nurturing your leads to become your best customers.

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